Can also mead "Heads-Up Display" for 3D simulation-type games. It displays vehicle status, damage reports, a radar system, and mission objectives.
First-person combat-simulation games like the Battletech MechWarrior series use a HUD system.
by AYB April 01, 2003
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It is short for Head-up display and is prominent in novels that feature LitRPG or game like elements.

May also be termed as System HUD. It will most commonly display elements such as a Health, Mana, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Skills, Levels, Name and Race and quantify them. May also offer a short description of each when prompted by a competent User through verbal, physical or mental means.

Usually in a blue color and notifies the User of any new changes such as creatures killed, level ups or special achievements.
Joe-"Dang this System HUD sucks, and I could have designed a better one! One that quantified my health and mana would have been great."
by J.I.M.S April 09, 2019
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The word stands for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. A place where supers can go to get crappy supplies for their project.
I went down to hud cause somebody broke down the front door. They gave me some ceran wrap.
by Kirby Peawauket November 14, 2004
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An acronym meaning "hope you die." Frequently used (sometimes in jest) by internet poker players.
O rly you voted for McCain? hud.
by Michael Gagliano March 28, 2010
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HUD is an abbreviation for Huddersfield which is a large town in West Yorkshire.
James: "Where you from?"

Steve: "I'm from HUD."
by Gang* June 11, 2008
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An acronym for, "How You Doin?" referring to a person as a homosexual. Basically a figure of speech referring to someone as gay.
Have you seen that new Dru Hill video with Sisqo looking HUD?
by Tisha Cook April 01, 2003
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