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Huddersfield is a large Mill Town in the West Yorkshire area of 'The North' affectionately known as 'Uddersfield' by the locals, the Town served as the Capital of Yorkshire during its seventeen year breakaway from the rest of the United Kingdom in 1848-1865

The largest and greatest area of Huddersfield was Lindley until it was discovered that Lindley had been moved to Bradford in the back of a Ford Transit van.

The town of Huddersfield lies in the Colne Valley, where the surrounding hills give an excellent view of the permanent yellow smog that hangs over the town.
To the east lie the tourist attractions of the ICI complex, the shopping complexes and Leeds Road, the main escape route out of Huddersfield.

The approach to Huddersfield in all directions is lined by a selection of everything's-a-pound shops, Netto, Lidl, and derelict buildings.

There is also a new Lidl store that offers a wide variety of biologically damaging foodstuffs imported from former states of the USSR.
You know that Jamie McCombe that wrote one of the definitions slagging off Huddersfield? Well he's a central defender for Huddersfield Town now, so shove that up your arse Lincoln
by CJR1994 July 11, 2011
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The biggest and best town in Britain who did NOT pay the referee to let them beat Lincoln in the 2003 - 2004 football season. Won promotion in Cardiff to League One on May 31st 2004, beating Mansfield 4 - 1 on penalties.
And Huddersfield have won promotion here in Cardiff!
by Htafc_lass October 28, 2004
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A shit hole on the face of humanity. It is comonly pronounced in a Yorkshire accent to sound like a city of cows: "'uddersfield". Located in West Yorkishire, Huddersfield is the home of many low achieving dick head chavs. And they all look like shit.
"Ye b lets go to Huddersfield and ting and pop a cap in some dirty moshers ass. HD5 BRAP!!!!"

"Innit, Huddersfield is bare where all da G's are!"
by skate_maniac October 15, 2007
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A town situated in Yorkshire, between Leeds and Manchester in the UK. It is known as 'Uddersfield to locals, due to the high quality of milk produced by West Yorkshire farmers.
"'Ey up, pal! You goin' to Huddersfield?"
"Yeah, gonna get some 'igh qualiteh milk!"
by ChessElectron April 8, 2016
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1. Rubbish town in Yourkshire who's football team paid the referee to let them beat Lincoln city. Damn them!
Huddersfield soooooo cheated!
by Jamie McCombe July 15, 2004
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It is known as a mill town and it has a rich textile heritage. It was a wealthy town back in the day when there was a lot of manufacturing going on. Nowadays, it is pretty rubbish and in need of regeneration. Huddersfield town centre has turned into a bit of a ghost town as large retailers such as M&S disappear.

It has a large university which is considered a big deal. No-one wants to go to Halifax for hospital treatment due to the issues with distance and congestion on the roads with Huddersfield being the large town it is. It is home to Huddersfield Town football club which was relegated to the Championship this year. The railway station looks phenomenal and has trains running through it.

It has received a lot of bad publicity at late with grooming gangs, shootings, stabbings and drug dealing as well as the general rise in crime. The crime in the town has risen in prominence so much so there is now a five part documentary series called Hometown about the whole thing, including the police shooting at junction of the M62 of Huddersfield man Yassar Yaqub, 28 from Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.
'Eh up chuck, are you going to 'Uddersfield town today?
Yeah, I'm going but I'm afraid that my favourite shop might have closed.
Why don't you go to the pound shop or Lidl and you will find what you need for half the price?
I think I need to go and buy some sheep and knit my own sweater from their wool as there are no shops to go to.
Yeah I think you're right, I think everyone went to Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.

Huddersfield is great even despite the negative publicity.
by bababa1 June 26, 2019
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A Man with unusually large hands. Huddersfield Abids are known to lie all the time. They are simply referred to as 'The Fox'
Let's go see the Huddersfield Abid let's see if he's lying again.
by Huddersfield Clown September 5, 2020
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