HUD is the Punjabi version of LOL.
In punjabi, HUD means Hass Uchee Dainee. In English, LOL means Laugh Out Loud.
Therefore, HUD translates to LOL in Punjabi.
Pardeep: Why did the chicken cross the road in Brampton?
Hardeep: I don’t know? To get to the other side?
Pardeep: To get to Challo Freshco.
Hardeep: HUD
Pardeep and Hardeep: hudhudhudhud
by WindDeep June 15, 2022
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Pretty much saying "duh" backwards. Makes you feel more stupid when someone calls you that. =)
-The grass is green.

by chyo name October 8, 2007
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1.) A person who lacks normal intelligence 2.) A gullible person; see gullible 3.) Anyone who displays idiosyncratic ignorance and/or gullibility; especilly: A person who believes an IP address is a server 4.) A person who lives on grandeur; especially: A person who wastes his/her life away in an idiotic manner, dreaming of becoming rich while partaking in an activity of little/no importance, such as offering free webhosting with a stupid domain
He proved to be a hud when he stuck his penis in the electric socket.
by Randy L. Pendleton December 10, 2003
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the best and loudest discord packer that will forever rein over all other clans and packers. he is so loud and godly and will drown anybody in a vc. he had never folded once he is a packing legend and he is so sexy and strong 💪🏼.he has a sexy chiseled face and hard rock abs and huge muscles he is the hottest discord packed ever. he is most known and most loudest he can run stamina for eternity. he is the loudest and strongest snd most known ever he is the best discord packer and ud is the best known clan ever. be careful when ur around hud because he never folds.
“Omg hud is the best discord packer ever”
“Omg ikr he is the best”
by discordPacker11 March 27, 2021
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A word derived from the Slovakian "Hudba", which means the same thing as "Hud", namely, "Stuff". The Slovakian however is pronounced "hooodba" whereas the English is pronounced "Hud", as in "bud" - just as it's spelled.
That's a load of hud you got there.
Keep an eye on my hud while I go to the can.
by hdcrunch February 1, 2007
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Can also mead "Heads-Up Display" for 3D simulation-type games. It displays vehicle status, damage reports, a radar system, and mission objectives.
First-person combat-simulation games like the Battletech MechWarrior series use a HUD system.
by AYB April 1, 2003
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Short for how u doin'
"Bro, hUd?"

"Good bro, hUd?"
by breetofly December 3, 2015
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