1. Wide receiver for the Houston Oilers
2. The second most ridiculous wide receiver in tecmo super bowl
Fucking Dru Hill! He caught it with 4 guys on him. That's gotta be picked!
by jDogg February 25, 2005
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Fly-looking girls at a club or spot.

Taken from Ghostface Killah's, "One":

"Dru Hill bitches, specialist loungin at the mosk,
Suede cufy, Rabbi come dig up a dentist {"one"},
Rhymes is made of garlic, never in the target,
when the NARC's hit, rumor is you might start to spit {"one"},
You nice Lord, sweet daddy Grace, wind lifted,
on the dancefloor, mangos is free followed by Ghost {"one"}..."
by Lou Cheech August 25, 2008
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