An acronym for, "How You Doin?" referring to a person as a homosexual. Basically a figure of speech referring to someone as gay.
Have you seen that new Dru Hill video with Sisqo looking HUD?
by Tisha Cook April 01, 2003
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Nickname for any Homosexual male that says "How You Doin?"
Gay man: "Hey there, how you doing?"

Straight person: "Man, that guy's a H.U.D."
by Chewba Goodin April 30, 2008
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A hot sexy small man and a great guy if u call him names there is something mentally wrong with u he is so handsome
HUD the handsome little fellow
by Ben Gof April 23, 2018
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a large, obese, flamingly homosexual, small cocked disgusting thing that is found in rare sections of south africa. If seen, a Hudson should be shot and killed and the local Animal Control shelter should be contacted immediately. WARNING: Fucking things of this nature contain poisonous SEMEN and should not be taken lightly. If seen, immediate action must be taken.

oh, and he's very gay
Crickey! its a hudson! lets poke it with a large vibrating plastic penis
by Ben Becker October 18, 2004
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1.) A person who lacks normal intelligence 2.) A gullible person; see gullible 3.) Anyone who displays idiosyncratic ignorance and/or gullibility; especilly: A person who believes an IP address is a server 4.) A person who lives on grandeur; especially: A person who wastes his/her life away in an idiotic manner, dreaming of becoming rich while partaking in an activity of little/no importance, such as offering free webhosting with a stupid domain
He proved to be a hud when he stuck his penis in the electric socket.
by Randy L. Pendleton December 10, 2003
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Housing Under Development. Can be cheaper than buying an already-finished house because you get to add whatever you want to it at a lower price.
by AYB April 01, 2003
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Nickname for people with the last name Hudnall, Hudson, Hudler, etc.

Generally cool, attractive, natural leaders.
I can't help but do whatever Hud wants.

I want to be like Hud!
by Ralph Marvin February 05, 2010
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