1) the son of hud

2)a bad ass

3)A Viking

4)A bad ass viking
That Son Of Hud Is One Bad Ass Viking
by Zach Hudson April 20, 2003
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A 'hud rat' is the term used for a money making hoe or prostitue if you will.
Daisy: '' ergh have you seen that hud rat on the corner, nasty thing!! ''
by Lizi & Daisy February 20, 2009
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Loosely based group of young adults based in an area roughly a kilometre surrounding 249th street, Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada. Established officially in 2005, the group now consists of various hangers-ons and groupies. The five core members retain five-star status. Groupies and new comers have one star, which may be promoted over time.

The society is involved in three primary activities. Exhaustive drinking, debauchery and, hypocritically, philanthropy (such as child sponsorship)
Hey Janelle, whats up? Just heading to meet up with T HUD for some debauchery.
by Matt Blom August 13, 2007
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Someone who looks as though they just rolled out of bed of their section 8 or (HUD) home with no regard of at least trying to look like a respectable citizen. Usually, still in their pj's and slippers at 3 p.m., but don't have a night job. :) No OFFENSE REALLY, but you know when you look HUD-da-da-DUH. (See also ghetto OR ghetto fablous)
Shortened variation: Hud
Girl 1: I am not leaving the house with you looking so Hud-da-da-Duh.
Girl 2: I look HUD? Please... With your Payless BOGO?
by misdgal October 29, 2007
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Possesses the largest phallus of all. Often seen with what looks like a helicopter blade spinning on his crotch.
That's just Big Hud with his humungous phallus
by FrightenedMudkip March 07, 2016
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Slang: shortened term for the popular "Huddle House" franchise
Dude: Aye man you Wana go tear it up at da Huds?

Man: naw son my stomach hasn't forgiven me since we went two hours ago.
by HiroicAngel March 01, 2017
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It is an abbreviation for how are you doing... Its mainly used on social media platforms like WhatsApp
by Malvin July 11, 2020
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