the best and loudest discord packer that will forever rein over all other clans and packers. he is so loud and godly and will drown anybody in a vc. he had never folded once he is a packing legend and he is so sexy and strong πŸ’ͺ🏼.he has a sexy chiseled face and hard rock abs and huge muscles he is the hottest discord packed ever. he is most known and most loudest he can run stamina for eternity. he is the loudest and strongest snd most known ever he is the best discord packer and ud is the best known clan ever. be careful when ur around hud because he never folds.
β€œOmg hud is the best discord packer ever”
β€œOmg ikr he is the best”
by discordPacker11 March 26, 2021
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a term used to refer to a really homosexual middle teenagers. most commonly, 'hudsons' are fat, lazy, pieces of shit who like to have anal sex with their pet animals.
by Ben Becker October 13, 2004
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Pretty much saying "duh" backwards. Makes you feel more stupid when someone calls you that. =)
-The grass is green.

by chyo name October 07, 2007
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messed up, old, ugly or anything that needs to be replaced.
her shoes are on hud
yo shirt is hudded out
i be wearin my shit till its on hud
by D-SHit May 16, 2006
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An obnoxious, intolerant, narrow-minded person who likes to insult and gloat. Highly agressive and opinionated.
Don't be such a hud!
by Panpen April 28, 2009
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