to give a numerical amount to something that cannot be numbered
free parking? that kicks so much ass it can't be quantified!
by Crimson Scorch May 17, 2005
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A word spoken by cunts for cunts to make them seem more intlligent than they actually are.
I need you to quantify how much of a cunt I am.
by RobotLegs36 August 21, 2009
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The process of a once influential party of people dissolving into insignificance. Usually initiated by adding a couple of monkeys to an otherwise good group of players.

Symptoms of quantification:

- being unable to fill a raid with guild players
- repeatedly uploading arah solos
- recording and uploading mount races
- commenting angrily on Reddit despite inactivity in the game
- becoming a benchmark justice vigilante
That guild sure used to be good. But when they invited Brobo, they really started to quantify.
by brodofrobo December 7, 2018
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When an angry person perceives repeated events occurring (real or not), and complains aggressively about it. Can be used in vague units "multiple times, many times," or in specific numerical units. Pissed-off people often use the verbal attack when they don't get what they want, (or get what they don't want). It can also be used out of desperation to try to belittle or undermine their victim's intelligence.
POP = Pissed-off person

Scenario A:
POP: I have ASKED you nicely three times already to go take this document to the main office, IDIOT!!!!
Victim: If you pull any of this aggressive-quantifying crap on me, you can forget about having me do it. Besides, you look fit enough to do it yourself.

Scenario B:

Victim: So was this what you meant by this?
POP: ***angry sigh*** YES. I SAID that FIVE MINUTES ago.
Victim: What, so you're now a stopwatch, Miss Aggressive-Quantifier? Are you saying I'm stupid for asking a request?

Scenario C:

POP: Oh my GAWD, you had SEVEN freaking chances to say hi to him. He won't know you if you don't talk to him.
Victim: I would, but your aggressive-quantifying is doing nothing to help me.

Scenario D:
Victim: You mind giving me that list?
POP: I gave you the list multiple times, moron!
Victim: I was just asking kindly. You don't need to aggressively-quantify any trivial things!

Scenario E:
Victim: **Paints picture with grace**
POP:***Yanks art tools from painter, then ruins it.*** There. It shouldn't take you more than FIFTEEN MINUTES to finish this painting.
Victim: What the hell is wrong with you? You ruined my artwork, aggressive-quantifier!!
by Playrr May 10, 2020
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The creamy yummy deliciousness used to quantify your self worth on a piece of paper to be hacked off on by your boss in order to get more money annually.
Your Boss tells you: "Your annual review is due by Monday!"

You Say" "Nice, I'll shoot you my Quantify-a-licious self review as soon as i get done playing this level of Dawn of Sorcery."
by SgtBallz July 13, 2010
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When you can identify the positive effects which are a direct result of a decision or action on your part.
Because I introduced Mike and Daniele to each other despite enormous odds, their daughter Elizabeth is a quantifiable miracle.
by Zoltar85 March 30, 2023
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