Rapper best known for the Thong Song(and platinum hair), even though he came out with plenty of other really good songs. Part of Dru Hill World Order. Teamed up with Will Smith in the Wild Wild West music video. Also known as The Dragon. Solo albums include Unleash The Dragon and Return of Dragon. Also is in that movie Snow Dogs. Sisqo is a scorpio and makes it obvious in his songs.
"Niggaz say dey from da ghetto. Legend has dat dey from Baltimore"-Sisqo
by DestinyJ February 17, 2006
A male R&B singer who made the popular "Thong Song" in 2000. It is said that because of this and Britney Spears...that 90% of all teenage girls now where thongs as an everyday thing.
In the year 2000, girls between 12-18 have become even sluttier...thanks to Sisqo.
by Judo August 27, 2005
Taking a shit on a select object and immediately ejaculating on top of it.
Man X: Hey, how'd it go with that girl last night?
Man Y: Awesome, I sisqod her back.

I just sisqod your sisters bed.
by Ciccimba April 14, 2010