A marijuana cigarette rolled so tightly, usually by someone one your "behalf," you'll barely get a hit off it; a joint so thin and white it resembles Paltrow's actual body as well as the type of joint a skinny white chick would smoke so as to maintain her dainty, "holistic" lifestyle as opposed to getting seriously baked.
"Come on man, don't roll me a Gwyneth Paltrow--I gotta get some THC up in this bitch!"
by Solanas69 January 30, 2019
The real way to spell Gwyneth Paltrow, not Gwenyth Paltrow. Is an okay actor. Has done more crap films then good films. She won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Named her kid Apple for some reason. She's pretty good looking, not outstanding or anything. She goes out with many guys, including Ben Afflek, Luke Wilson, Brad Pitt...
"Hey man, wanna go see the new Gwyneth Paltrow movie?"
"Uh... Err... Nah. I'll give it a miss."
by -Tazer- September 11, 2007
She's an actress and a total different breed... She named her children Apple and Moses for whatever reason and she made candles that smell like her vagina and her orgasm. Coming back to the acting, she had better roles when she was younger but the movies were not it to be honest.
Everyone thinks she's very good looking which I personally don't get.. I guess it's cause she's blonde and skinny and that's a beauty standard

Oh and latest news: she beat up a guy and then skied away
Q: Who's that woman with the weird candles?
A: Gwyneth Paltrow
by Tonyswh0re3000 August 5, 2021
Quite possibly the biggest MILF of all time...
Guy 1: Hey man you know Gwyneth Paltrow?
Guy 2: Yeah... why?
Guy 1: She got naked in Shakespear in Love.
Guy 2: I love MILFs!
by Mr. Birdy March 24, 2011