another way of saying "up in here." Only it's a way better way of saying it because peoples know you mean bizness cuz of the expletive.
Damn dude, I gots the munchies. We need some brownies up in this bitch.

by throwsomecheeseonit November 28, 2007
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meaning "up in here" but with swearing to emphasise the point.
"let's get some beer up in this bitch"
"this funeral is really sad, someone get some tissues up in this bitch"
"let's get this thermometer up in this bitch"
by Gnaruto March 6, 2016
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The Swahili term used on the Orange River, the border of South Africa and other neighboring countries, referring to intense shit going down.

Alternative phrases include "up in this world" and "YO MAN" however they all hold the same meaning, up in this bitch!
"Damn nigger! That shit be crazy up in this bitch"

This can refer to any circumstance when you are overly excited for a reason, or just tripping balls. Traditional geographical locations for use of this term are majorly used while rowing down the Orange River.
by Rifle/Rafe October 14, 2011
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Usually it's telling someone to pick up a video game controler and play, it could mean pick up a lighter and hit a bong toke though, or if you to just tell someone to do something that they should already be doing, or having been told to do it already and lack the capacity to do so themselves without being yelled at.
Person 1 : "Do you wanna play video games?"

person 2 : "Yea, sure"

Person 1 : "Well then PICK UP THEM STICKS, BITCH!"
by Tower June 13, 2007
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when someone needs to shutup the fuck up because they’re being a dumbass bitch, you would say this phrase.
Mira can you shut the fuck up you dumbass bitch?”
by bye yeah it’s me October 14, 2020
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