To get hit on means to be flirted by someone , it means that someone looks at you with a sexual desire
For example

Every time i put on my shorts and go out , i always get hit on .
by allfv June 28, 2015
when one person or a group of people go and attempt to hit you offline. this is done in several ways as a threat as just white lies or actually disconnecting your internet connection from using a program of some sort. this is normally done to people who have done nothing wrong but little kids are angry online and decide to ruin your connection for however long
*makes fun of kid online on call of duty*
Booter: “ Hey wanna get hit off?”
Guy: “wow really im getting hit off, wow nerd.”
by blissings March 6, 2018
Kelli: I thought you wanted to date that guy?!
Cara: Naw, I just wanted to get hit then split.
by Conrad_Hilton March 21, 2016
Is used in place of words such as: gay,stupid, retarded, etc...
Mainly used because people use the terms "gay or "retarded" in a negative tone. Implying that being gay or retarded it bad.
"Omgawd! Myspace is so getting hit by a bus!!"
by AKGNAKJGN. November 16, 2006
When a person talks shit about you, your girl, your boy, or crew, then they get dicked
example: man is talking shit about your girl being a whore then you hit them. then you say talk shit get hit
by philadelphia kid April 12, 2011
Phrase that means what it says. Talk shit, and get your ass beat.
Jamie is a shit talker. She runs her mouth like she can beat anyone up and isn't afraid to mess with no one. One day, she got into a fight with a girl. Jamie did her usual shit talking and got her ass beat. Talk shit, get hit, Jamie. OWNED BITCH.
by uafakeazzbitch11 April 8, 2010