someone who is or was high,a verb for the words skydreamer , skydream and skydreaming
SHIT, I was skied last night
Damn that bitch is skied
wooaaa, dont get too skied
c'mon henry, we're gonna go get skied
by Joey mah March 24, 2008
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often confused with the word skeet. because they are pronounced the same one is skeet. witch was used down south. here on the east cost its skied but with a "ed" that sounds like a "t" at the end. the definition is not related at all because it means some one who use`s coke cain in powder form. strictly coke cain not dope x weed crack none of that. only a it does mean getting high but only on the one substance.
oh shit look this motherfucka loves gettin skied he come around every hour on the hour for this powder.

they in the bathroom at the club getting skied
by time bomb east coast June 18, 2013
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when a boy cums or orgasms.
My boyfriend ski skied all over my face when i was giving him head.
by lusie August 25, 2006
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A slang term used by DOG men who are desperate for a girls attenion. (This term does not attract the attention of true ladies.)
We were walking down the street when some dustball ski skied at us.
by JoJoMae June 25, 2010
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Add it to the end of any word...for no reason at all.
"time for a bluntSKI."
"I was drunkSKI"
by Dee2287 July 28, 2005
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An abbreviated version of broski; a friend preferably but not in all cases of male gender.
by tyyguy March 8, 2011
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