A well known lookalike of Billy Idol, a huge fan of Noel Edmonds.

Has been known to bum sheep, internally and otherwise.

LOVES sexual activity with sheep and other farmyard animals.

A well known conquorer of 8th base.
"Wow That Luke Wilson is one gay fucker, in more ways than one"
by EddyIsGay October 4, 2008
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Luke Wilson, known for being “Laura Terpstra’s” older brother. She is so good and amazing, hopefully one day I’ll be as good as her. -Luke Wilson , about Laura Terpstra.
Luke Terpstra/Wilson layed bricks, for a long time while thinking about his diet he’s supposed to be on and how he’ll get maccas after his shift.
by Lau Lau. T June 7, 2021
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