adj. In its entirety; any system, structure or organism considered as a whole composed of many parts. n. holistics; adv. holistically. (cf. gestalt)
A holistic approach would solve the problem rather than trying to patch it up piecemeal.
by Mystikan November 19, 2003
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A store, appealing to the trendy 13-year olds of the word, that sells everything Abercrombie does, but in a darker, less inviting environment.
A: Yeah I went to Holister and bought an overpriced polo today.
B: Rad.
by Brittany Lenny June 30, 2005
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A store for those of you who cant speel. See Ambercrombie
I went to holister and got a back of grammar
by Snakes on Plane October 10, 2006
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A store kinda like abercrombie but uh..different and more beach/surfer like totally and uh yeah like it says
Mel: Did you see that guy in the holister shirt?
Nicole: Yeah i want him hard just becuase of his pink holister shirt.
Mel: Well thats only becuz ur a slut.
Nicole: Tee Hee *cough* No!
by Sally Jones May 27, 2005
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a white people's store. they are usually from california and they usually surf, and they dont shower.
hey bro, i went to holister this weekend. got me a couple of polos, you know.
by babablacksheeeep March 8, 2008
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a store that is turning scene.cause know lots of scnen people shop thier for jaquets and skinny jeans an stuff.which is kwl.
girl 1:kwl clothes
girl 1:where did u get them
girl 2:holister
girl 1: wat! u shop at holister
girl 2:ya they lots of cute stuff
girl 1:o ok thats kwl.
by lyric j. July 22, 2008
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