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When any particular area of your genitals gets a random itch.
“Phwoarrr I’ve got a Gurney happening on my left flap badly, right now”
by Jancey June 08, 2018
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While there's no set definition for what "gurney" as an insult actually means, it is generally acknowledged to be a bad thing, and in no case, under any circumstance should "gurney" be used in a positive way. The term "gurney" can be used as an adjective or a noun (whichever works for the situation).

(theres also the literal definition: a four-wheeled stretcher for transporting hospital patients from place to place ;a wheeled cart or wagon with canvas sides, used in post offices to route mail.)
"Shut your gurney face"

"Screw you, you fuckin' gurney"

"Your mom's a gurney"

"They had to carry him out on a gurney"
by The jojo April 08, 2006
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1. Someone addicted to the gym or someone extremely vain and obsessed with physical appearance
2. Someone resembling a baboon
3. Someone with extremely bad comebacks and stories
4. Someone with a very hot mum/pushy/bossy/dominating
5. Someone who gets wound up very easy and often resorts to violence to solve or settle arguments, in paricular picking on those smaller or with less muscles
6. Someone who can bench 110 at 1 rep
7. Someone who at school does absolutly no work but still manages to get average grades
8. Someone who is attracted by ex-nottingham forest and england international footballers
9. Someone who runs with their arms sticking out at the side

Gurney should in no circumstance be used in a positive way it should be used to describe negative things or to be used in conjunction with a profanity.
You F***ing Gurney

I'm sick of that Gurney

He looks like a Gurney

by James Monroe September 19, 2006
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A person who is a good for nothing lazy kike, who has a car but never drives anywhere because he/she wants to save money on gas in order to smoke more weed. This word may also refer to a person who deals dirt weed.
Sam: God why does that gurney even have a car?
Mike: I dont know bro, wanna put 5 on a blunt?
by EminentDeputySparkon October 27, 2010
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