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noun: someone (usually of the opposite sex, but not always) whos number you have, but you don't really know them. May have met then once or twice(usually while intoxicated). May have never even met them at all. You call them when you are bored and need something to do.
Man, I'm bored lets call up some randoms on my phone.

That guys a random; got his number when I was wasted, but dont really know him.
by Sahar October 25, 2004
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Someone who's not well known, or is simply a stranger. Usually being used online while playing games.
Guy 1:"He's such a random! Get outta here random! You're garbo!"
Random:"I'm a random."
by Javier Villalobos October 05, 2008
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Anyone who is not a member of the global high society. Anyone who is not very wealthy, intelligent, beautiful, or well known.

Essentially a modern day commoner; peasant.
A loser.
He's a prince, but he takes the metro with all of the randoms.

He's a nobody, he doesn't even have a trust fund; he's pretty much a random.
by Yan Yan Sakikabaru December 19, 2010
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a random is somone usually meet while playing a online game.
they are usually no life geeks who sit around all day playing games and send you messages trying to make fun of you while they sound like a 12 year old boy.
that guy xToasterboyxX sent me a message because he shot me. what a random.
by MRstone August 17, 2009
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A person who you have/had sex with whom does not mean anything to you. A one off hook-up. You usually meet this type of person in passing at a club, party, or on vacation. Also know as a "Rando".
She ain't nothing but a random from last night.
by officialjpress November 06, 2017
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