An absolute hero. Largely unappreciated by the general population until they are gasping for their last breath after 25 pints of Stella and a kicking par excellance on a Friday night.
The person who saves your scrawny, puke and blood covered arse outside Tall Trees next friday.
by Jimbone October 07, 2004
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An emergency medical technician trained to an advanced level of care that includes the ability to intubate, administer drugs, start IVs, and other invasive procedures.
Paramedics normally work on ambulances or in hospital emergency departments.
Also known as EMT-P.
When I crashed my car the paramedics came in the ambulance and took me to the hospital.
by Master Blaster May 26, 2005
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we are not freaking ambulance drivers...we are the people in the back of the truck who save ur life..and will stick a 12g needle in ur hand if u call us one..or call us for a stumped toe!!
honey the ambulance drivers are here to take u to the hospital..WRONG!! should be.....honey the paramedics and emts are here to save ur sorry ass who can walk to the ambulance
by amberNB November 21, 2007
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The person/people that firemen call when they are in trouble.
If you want to be a hero, become a fireman. If you want to be someone who firemen call heroes, become a paramedic.
by emtrescue May 20, 2010
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A paramedic is a medical profession that provides advanced levels of medical care in the pre-hospital setting usually in an emergency. This includes an initial assessment, diagnosis and a treatment plan to manage the patient's health crisis. This care can also be continued en-route to a hospital if more definitive care for the patient is required. In some cases the Paramedic may provide adequate treatment that may resolve the health crisis and may or may not refer the patient onto another health professional.

Most paramedics work in ambulances or medical helicopters however there are some who take up hospital based roles in emergency departments. In some countries paramedics can go onto becoming a form of extended care practitioner similar to a PA or CNP.
Paramedics responded when my father was experiencing a heart attack.
by paramagician October 26, 2012
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