Having relations with a person who is significantly younger than you.
The middle aged man robbed the cradle with the teenager.
by Chris January 20, 2003
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Get them before the hair does.
Most of the 20 something guys that hit on the girls 15 and younger, because they're easy.
by RevStan January 8, 2004
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Mission in Thief 3.

Scariest mission in a game. Ever.
I could only play Robbing The Cradle for 5 minutes last night because it was too creepy.
by TGKF September 22, 2004
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The act of stealing a cradle, which is used to hold babies. Whatever you do is don't take the baby. They cry alot and then when they don't cry the poop and then cry some more. They never sleep.
My friend stole a cradle but threw the baby. Then the baby died. God damn annoying babies.
by Adeadlyliquid November 23, 2004
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Stealing a baby, or it's personal effects from it's crib.
I'm low on funds son, I'm going to go rob the cradle next store and sell the baby to a nice couple who can't conceive a child of their own./ I'm low on funds so I'm going to steal that babies blanket, B.
by jerem December 12, 2003
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To have a love interest that is significantly younger than oneself in age.

antonym=rob the grave
Typically, older man and younger women, but not always.
"I want to rob the cradle, I want to trade my 40 year old wife in for two twenty year olds"
For example, further than 5 years apart in age might signal a cradle-robbing". Even more years yells it!
by kiddm April 28, 2007
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