A proper and very common swimming costume favoured by people young and old worldwide, except in the United States. The speedo-style suit is form-fitting, which allows for better control in the water, faster drying, and more comfort. Since Europeans, Asians and Brazillians don't obsess over penis size or automatically associate speedos with homosexuality the way Americans do, people of all shapes and sizes can wear them while swimming without ridicule.
I wanted to wear my speedo while in Texas, but I was afraid of being laughed at, beaten up and ostracized by the culturally bereft locals.
by Ashoka July 12, 2006
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very very tight swimwear that usually exposes the size of a guys penis. Usually good for sex and pleasure for girls.
Boy: I love my speedo
Girl: So do I! nice penis!
Boy: Thanks!
Girl: No problem want to have sex.
Boy: Hell ya!!!( gets on floor and takes off pants)
Girl: Yes!!!(takes off all clothes and lays on guy)
by lalalandgirl98 March 13, 2010
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Not actually what non-swimmers think of as a swimming suit male swimmers wear that is shaped like girls briefs but the world's most popular swimwear company. Speedo do not just make what people call 'speedos' but several products! The word usually causes great amusement to non-swimmers as that is what springs to mind when the word is mentioned.
Non swimmer: what is the most popular company in swimming, like nike or something?
Swimmer: speedo or TYR
Non swimmer: HAHAHA! you wear speedos?!
Swimmer: -_-
by iyaaaaa. August 25, 2010
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Speedo: Speedo means cool.
Nick : Eh man that was a speedo trick you just pulled off on your snowboard.

Tom: Thanks dude I've been working on that 720 for a while.
by ComebacKid January 4, 2012
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i small swim suit that are like briefs but is water proof. people were these on the swim team and in water polo.
i love to wear a speedo
by asdf123456789 September 23, 2010
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Slang for any jock, especially on the swim team, for various reasons.
"Let's piss off the speedos and put jello in the pool."
by Maddawg February 20, 2005
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its easy to see whos got a thick cut cock when men are wearing speedos
by 8 inches January 19, 2004
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