name for an idiot that gets gum stuck in their hair.
holy shit theres fucking gum in his hair, what a bitch! lets call him gumby
by air mading August 21, 2006
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testicle. pl. gumbies.

Derived from conversation I had with friend wherein his nuts were hanging out the side of his cut-offs. His girlfriend said "Hey, your gumbies are hanging out!" To which I replied, "So's your pokey!

Lame reference to claymation hero and horse-ish partner.
"My gumbies were slapping her ass so hard it made my brain hurt."
by H2OLemming November 02, 2004
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The act of sucking ones penis with the use of only your gums. If possible, the person performing the act can remove their teeth if they wear dentures.
Instead of giving me a blowjob, she pulled her teeth out and gave me a gumby
by mr.m@rcu$$$ April 02, 2010
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the gummy claymation character was a bit dense and slow talking... Scratching his head in bewilderment... Making single syllable noises "doh" and being awkward.
via giphy
by WilmerFINGERDO January 07, 2016
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Word used to describe home schooled kids. Nerdy and awkward but not exactly.
Heather is was homeschooled, she is nerdy. No she is gumby.
by WTFwasthat November 04, 2010
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The state of erection that is not quite hard, but not at all soft.
Example 1: "Dude I've been gumby for about sixteen minutes! I can't decide which way I want to go."

by Matthew Fratstar March 25, 2008
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