An expression used when something unbelievable or unexpected happens.
"Wow dude, I did not expect that deck to snap like that!"
by g4b3n January 22, 2016
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"Wow dude" is a expression used when you don't get what you want. Or when someone asks you a question and you have no other response other than wow dude. It could be used for almost anything. It's my favorite expression, I say it all the time. If al started when a friend was super high and we were being mean to him and he just sounded so funny saying "wow dude"
"wow dude, that's so fucked up." I
Thought we were friends"
by Wow dude October 27, 2015
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Phrase coined by the World of Warcraft forums which became a popular explitive when referring to how you feel about someone, ie. "Wow, you're an ass"
WoW you A Dude ass

the 40% spell damge was not Perce holy damge you Dum Reroll pally to Druid

It was a sunny sunday day in alabama. Sharon put her pup on the leash and began their routine morning run. Sharon's eye caught a young beefy man hunk, and while her attention was turned , she and her pup took opposite sides of a light post. Sharon jolted forward and fell, injuring her left knee. 'WoW you A Dude Ass!' she exlcaimed. Her pup yowled
by g0thiC_iCe_cReaM April 1, 2009
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