The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.
Person 1: " Dude, your such an idiot when it comes to grammar".
Person 2: "*you're".
by gusllywiggum December 31, 2013
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Something that's never used anymore, because nowadays people are stupid.
The girl corrected her peer for his poor grammar, and was then beaten into a pulp and called a nerd.
by Eponine March 24, 2004
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An obsolete part of language in teenage America. Some people blame AIM, others blame TV.
I'm in an honors English class, yet the grammar in it is rather appalling. Misplaced commas, horrid spelling, and run-on sentences seem to be vital parts of English papers now. However, this may have to do with the fact that I attend a school in Georgia.
by Diggity Monkeez November 24, 2004
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Grammar is the set of rules of language and how we use it. Correct syntax, sentence structure and punctuation are all part of grammar.

People who use correct grammar capitalize the first letter of their sentences and end sentences with a full stop. They use commas and apostrophes when they're supposed to. They write sentences which neither run on or are sentence fragments.

Apparently, being on the Internet is an automatic exemption from using grammar and spelling. It's true, ask anyone why they don't use grammar on the Internet and their reason is always "Because it's MSN/the Internet/IRC". There's no real reason to not use grammar. Grammar is out of fashion nowadays, you're more likely to be ridiculed for using correct grammar than not.
A little lesson on common grammar errors:

Your - Implies ownership, example: "Your dog" or "Your house", NOT "Your stupid".

You're - Used to describe someone when talking directly to them, usually followed by an adjective or "a/an (insert noun)", example: "You're stupid".

There - Referring to location, example: "He's over there" or "Are you there?".

Their - Implies group ownership, example: "Their house" or "Their rights".

They're - Contracted form of "they are", example: "They're quite stupid".

It's - Contracted form of "it is", example: "It's really hot outside", NOT "A cat and it's kittens".

Its - Implies non-human ownership, example: "A dog and its bone".

He's - Contracted form of "he is", example: "He's so sexy", NOT "He's hat".

His - Implies male ownership, example: "His hat", NOT "His so sexy".

by Grammar_Nazi January 22, 2008
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Grammar is something President George W. Bush doesn't have.
"We have misunderestimated them"

"Is our children learning"

"We will take your dreams and... we will more better them."

"Grammar, is that a type of WMD?"
by Lazerwolf August 3, 2006
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A nearly nonexistent concept on the Internet, consisting of the basic conventions, punctuation, spelling and syntax of the spoken/written language. Those few who bear this concept in mind are referred to as Grammar Nazis.
Steve : Hey Bill, how would you feel if I taught you about grammar?
by Ethnic Blender March 9, 2015
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Something that isn't even used on the Internet these days. Only a small percentage of people use correct grammar on the Internet, while the rest type like this, "kan u un3rst@hn diz?". Using grammar is very easy, but some people are incapable to do that cause they are stupid.
Charley Mao: h3y wats up?

Me: Um, can you use correct grammar at least?

Me: Wow its amazing how a 20 year old types like a 3rd grader.

Charley Mao: 8(

Me: Well it's true.
by JessicaMartinezLOL August 10, 2010
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