"You're shit" translates into 你是狗屎 in Chinese, a common expression used by Chinese parents to express their displeasure towards their offsprings when a grade of A+ hasn't been achieved.
Father: Hey son, is that duuh A- in Engrish?
Son: Yeah?
Father: You're shit.
by Mike McJohnson Peter January 23, 2014
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another expression for "you're kidding me"; when someone says something that you dont believe, you usually say "you're shitting me"
Me: I personally know George Clooney.
You: You're shitting me rightt?
by MissBynn March 7, 2009
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A statement made by a person who is literally passing through the digestive system of another person. The phrase can be used at any time in this process, but would not be audible until the speaker's mouth has exited the anus.
You're shitting me! Hurry up, it's smelly in here!
by Aprileen Alexander December 22, 2006
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Expression, usually uttered by brown people, to show their amazement at something. The amazement is often heavily tinged with a high degree of doubt.
You're shitting me, mon! I don't believe you.
by Aprileen Alexander December 22, 2006
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It is a compliment towards someone. It roughly translates to, 'You are the coolest." Other adjectives could be in place of coolest, such as, most awesome, best and any other complimentary adjectives.
Bill exclaimed to Joe, "you're the shit!" after Joe took Bill to a party and had enormous amounts of fun.
by Betsy February 25, 2005
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See also: get the fuck on and shitted on.

A slang phrase meaning, "If you don't hurry up and do something, you are gonna miss out." or "If you don't do this, you are gonna feel like a dumb shit (like you've been 'shitted on')and regret it later."

Note: 'before' can also be shortened to 'fo' for a more urban slang feel.
Tom: Man, I wanna go get that O of kind bud dude accross town was gonna sell me for half price, but I'm so lazy I don't feel like driving.

Greg: Dude, you better get the fuck on before you're shit the fuck on! Are you fucking retarded?
by NINerd October 4, 2008
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