1. Doofimizm used only by fully edgymicated presidents when their teleprompters are busted or they are feeling kinda smart or when they wants to show all them handlers at the white house just who's really in charge around here.
I must have misunderestimated all them nuculer bombs and them weapons of mass disappearance in that there eye rack.
by JOE August 26, 2003
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Word invented by President of the United States, George W. Bush, to highlight the fact that the population had completely mistaken him for someone who would actually have the intellectual capacity to run the country.
The population have misunderestimated my stupidity, as can be seen by their voting for me.
by fadeaway October 1, 2005
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A Shrubism (word created by our current moron...er...president) meaning "underestimated" and "misunderstood" at the same time.
"They misunderestimated me"- George W. Bush Jr. (Shrub)
by Fatass February 18, 2003
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Word invented by George W Bush because he's an idiotic stupid moronic cunt who can't even string a sentence together.

He either means misunderstood or underestimated.
by Andy June 23, 2004
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to be misunderstood, which results in underestimation.
She didn't get what Robert meant, and she completely misunderestimated him.
by HousewifeToni April 1, 2009
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A bushism presumed to mean "to seriously under-estimate".
They misunderestimate me!

We misunderestimated the President's ability to butcher the English language.
by Kieran Bennett November 21, 2005
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v. t. 1. To underestimate but not sufficiently. To know that something is bad or inadequate, or dangerous, or evil but to not take nearly seriously enough the badness, inadequacy, danger or evil thereof.
'When you said I was a bad President, you misunderestimated me.'
by drblove January 16, 2009
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