1.Weapons of Mass Destruction--A mythical concept that lives in the minds of paranoid, old, white guys and is used to scare the public and gather support for attacking another country.
(also see bogeyman)
2.A term used to generate income for Haliburton.
3.Something that the US is permitted to own, but reserves the right to determine which other countries may also own them.

If we can convice Americans that Iraq has WMDs, we can kick the snot out of them and pay Haliburton to rebuild the place.
by Monkdunker September 03, 2003
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WMD - Acronym (Weapon of Mass Destruction): An implement of war utilized to inflict mass casualties. These weapons typically fall into three categories: Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear.

Chemical Weapon - Using a caustic, non-biological agent to harm living entities.

Biological Weapon - Using a living organism (disease, virii, etc.) to harm living entities.

Nuclear Weapon - Utilizing an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction (atomic bomb) and/or radioactive materials ("dirty bomb") to cause destruction to living entities and inanimate objects.

Needless to say, the production, possession, trade, and use of WMDs is and will remain a topic of contention and controversy.
A "Neutron Bomb" is a fictional WMD. In theory, it uses a powerful (so far fictional) agent "Red Mercury" to cause a massive flux of energy. It causes no concussive blast, but annihilates all living organisms within a large radius.
by Generic January 03, 2004
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An oddly large by average standards or a disproportionately sized body part when in comparison to the rest of the body. A WMD is therefore within the 95th percentile in anthropological terms.
Since childhood Joe has had a WMD, as one of his toes is disproportionally large compared to his others.
by TheBastardSquad January 21, 2021
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The Bush admin.'s best excuse to go to war with Iraq for oil.
Let's see, the American people won't believe that we was to Iraq for water...
by army_azn January 30, 2005
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Jonlajoie: ...I do chicks. In Iraq they found WMDs, "Women on my dick".
by MutinyVT February 15, 2011
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