"hey sis heres your washing, i got it off the line coz it looks like rain"
sister replies ,"tah"
by carmelinac June 12, 2008
Tell me bro, would you like some tah?
by Hannibal Cannabis October 12, 2011
TaH, Truth and Hope Role-Play on Warcraft III, the Best RP in WCIII history
That is so TaH-Rated!
by Fan of TaH (Metamort) October 5, 2003
Girl Im tah ttyl

I'l talk to u tomorrow im tah
by clue1 January 7, 2010
A big, fat loser who enjoys cheese and food in general, but hates stupid losers like Toby.
Oh, man. Look at the Tah eat!
by The Tah herself September 17, 2003
The word was created from transforming a wealthy person's obnoxious laugh into word form that can be used for everyone's enjoyment.
I went to Harvard where I had a 4.0 grade point average...tah, You're a tah!, I hate that rich son of a tah!
by Jigglywiggly July 12, 2008
tah (lower case) is an acronym and it means "trick ass ho" in modern text slang. Not to be confused with TAH, total abdominal hysterectomy.
That chick that sent Jay that email is a bloody tah!
by kjcz October 10, 2014