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The worst file-sharing website to ever exist. It's full of annoying restrictions which are both a pain for the uploader and the downloaders.

Things like download tickets, which make you wait before you download a file; a limit on how much you download before a wait of up to three to five hours is imposed on you. Not to mention that at the slightest sign of a "complaint" (who knows which random asshole complained about a file?) files get deleted.

If you ever find a file you want, be prepared to wait hours to download it and have to solve stupid CAPTCHAs constantly, as well as having the (paid) membership repeatedly pushed on you while you just want to download a damn file.
Please never use RapidShare to share your files. Use a decent alternative (there are many) which won't make file sharing a huge pain in the ass for all.

Everyone knows RapidShare sucks, so why the hell do people still use this greedy website?

No wonder people call it "Rapidshit".
by Grammar_Nazi April 25, 2008

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Grammar is the set of rules of language and how we use it. Correct syntax, sentence structure and punctuation are all part of grammar.

People who use correct grammar capitalize the first letter of their sentences and end sentences with a full stop. They use commas and apostrophes when they're supposed to. They write sentences which neither run on or are sentence fragments.

Apparently, being on the Internet is an automatic exemption from using grammar and spelling. It's true, ask anyone why they don't use grammar on the Internet and their reason is always "Because it's MSN/the Internet/IRC". There's no real reason to not use grammar. Grammar is out of fashion nowadays, you're more likely to be ridiculed for using correct grammar than not.
A little lesson on common grammar errors:

Your - Implies ownership, example: "Your dog" or "Your house", NOT "Your stupid".

You're - Used to describe someone when talking directly to them, usually followed by an adjective or "a/an (insert noun)", example: "You're stupid".

There - Referring to location, example: "He's over there" or "Are you there?".

Their - Implies group ownership, example: "Their house" or "Their rights".

They're - Contracted form of "they are", example: "They're quite stupid".

It's - Contracted form of "it is", example: "It's really hot outside", NOT "A cat and it's kittens".

Its - Implies non-human ownership, example: "A dog and its bone".

He's - Contracted form of "he is", example: "He's so sexy", NOT "He's hat".

His - Implies male ownership, example: "His hat", NOT "His so sexy".

by Grammar_Nazi January 21, 2008

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When talking about the Urban Dictionary ratings system, the opposite of the thumbs up. Where a thumbs up denotes a good definition and thumbs down denotes a bad one. There aren't many definitions out there whcih don't have at least one thumbs down. Whether or not people actually like a definition, they will give it a thumbs down, because they hate everybody, the world is unfair to them and they like to cut themselves.
Only assholes give definitions the thumbs down, unless it really sucks.
by Grammar_Nazi January 27, 2008

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The world's largest network of computers. The Internet used to be a very valuable source of information; but is now full of scammers, advertisements, harmful software, idiots, trolls, domain squatters, advertisements, pornography and a lack of coherent sentences.

There are a set of rules of being on the Internet, follow them and you'll be fine. If you don't, you're going to hate the Internet. The two most important rules are:

1. Don't make yourself look like an idiot, it leaves you open to flames.

2. Don't trust ANYONE, whether it has to do with giving someone your Hotmail password or your credit card number. You can't really trust a stranger, can you?
Josh posted a thread on a forum he often visits about how much he thinks Halo sucks. After seeing the post, several members flamed Josh and he was eventually banned for posting threads about those members. Josh became angry and decided to edit/add Wikipedia articles about the members and the forums and his IP address was subsequently banned from Wikipedia. After seeing the articles about them, the members in question distributed Josh's e-mail address through the forums, instructing all the users to send him hate e-mails for being an asshole. Josh's e-mail inbox was flooded with hate e-mails and spam and Josh suffered a panic attack and later terminated his Internet account.

Moral of the story: No one cares if you hate something or like one thing more than another, so shut up.
by Grammar_Nazi January 25, 2008

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Latin for "not complete of mind", basically meaning "stupid". See: Ignoramus.
Bob: Hey, Mark...
Mark: What?
Bob: You're non compus mentus.
Mark: I don't know what that means, but fuck you anyway.
by Grammar_Nazi January 21, 2008

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A waste of a perfectly-good set of tits.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're emo.
by Grammar_Nazi March 14, 2008

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