The only funny show on NBC.
Frasier is on at 9/8 central.
by Capital_A October 26, 2003
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One of the characters of the most intelligent show on TV.
Dr. Frasier Crane was formerly known from the 80's TV show 'Cheers' (not to be misstaken by what an asshole says when he drinks). The story in 'Frasier is about an Psychiatrist that moves from Boston To Seattle to begin a new life in Radio-psychiatry. He has a disastrous love-life and dates lots of women. Frasier is a total snob, just like his Brother Niles Crane (also a psychiatrist). In the opposite his father Martin Crane and his helper Daphne are the total opposite of them. This show is great...
(Niles finds an old scull under the floorboards)
Niles: Maybe it's a builder that got trapped, or an exterminator that was overcome with fumes.
Frasier: Probable solutions, Niles. However, neither is possible.
Niles: Why not?
Frasier: Because when you die, your head does not pop off like a champagne cork!
by casdebom May 24, 2009
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When playing soccer, if someone completely miss the ball and fall down it is called a Frasier. If he is knocked out cold it is called a Frasier Crane.
by 4pac January 13, 2005
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a fairly funny show depicting the lifes of two yuppy brothers and their struggle keeping up in the food chain.

Funny for a while, sometimes laugh-out moments, but then became nothing more than smiles and chuckles.

Most intelligent comedy ever.

Very Hoity Toity.
Miles. No frasier, i find the problem wity your inner lack of security is no more than a wild goose chase with your sexual realationship with Mrs higgins in 6 th Grade.

(Canned Laughter)
by Biafra J July 29, 2004
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Someone who hasn’t hit puberty
Person1: He’s a bit short.

Person2: He must be a Frasier
by Madddd4567 March 30, 2020
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When someone licks your ass and twists your balls. Inspired by the Frasier theme song. "Tossed salad and scrambled eggs."

My girl gave me a Frasier while watching Frasier.
by Da Gov September 13, 2008
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