When someone eats an ungodly amount of food and becomes bloated/engorged.
I just binge ate so much, I’m GORGED.
by Digbert Nelson October 25, 2019
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when a certain individual has smoked so much marijuana that they are disfunctional and retarded.
"dude me and jake are so gorged right now."
"no way man, how much did you guys puff?"
"almost two entire zips between 4 people."
"no way man, that so much!"
by ballsky May 17, 2006
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Not like a small canyon, but a term Raquelle used in a barbie episode. Gorge is short for gorgeous.
OMG...your outfit is so Gorge
by VocabInferno$$$ January 17, 2022
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wow check out that girl, shes fuckin gorg!
by jake July 13, 2004
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Eating tremendous amounts of food to the point you turn into a beached whale.
I was gorging so much salsa with a spoon that I turned into a baby beluga.
by David Dada August 25, 2006
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The most impressive, exclusive, and relaxing Venue in the Nation. The Gorge sits on the Columbia River in Washington State. While seeing your favorite artist perform, you are overjoyed with this overwhelming experience!!
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