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An Indian name for a girl, meaning blue moon. Nila means moon, and it sounds like Neela, which is Hindi for blue.

If you ever run into a Nila, you should be lucky. Nilas is normally kind, very pretty, and smart as heck. A nila can act like an introvert, but really they're more of an ambivert than they think. In school, they are normally not the teachers' pet but one of the top students in their class. They have neat handwriting and try to be as 'aesthetic' and "that girl" as possible. They also are a humongous reader in their class.
Friend one- OMG i met someone new today. they are very kind and pretty

Friend two- They must be a Nila
by VocabInferno$$$ January 16, 2022
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As a reference to Katniss Everdeen from hunger games, Katniss is used to describe a female archer with incredible skill.
In this mafia, the Katniss' are over there
by VocabInferno$$$ January 17, 2022
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Not like a small canyon, but a term Raquelle used in a barbie episode. Gorge is short for gorgeous.
OMG...your outfit is so Gorge
by VocabInferno$$$ January 16, 2022
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