Not like a small canyon, but a term Raquelle used in a barbie episode. Gorge is short for gorgeous.
OMG...your outfit is so Gorge
by VocabInferno$$$ January 17, 2022
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It just means gorgeous or lovely or nice i say it and they say it alot in england
Do you like my new dress?
Yeah its gorge!
by sugzy April 12, 2007
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A guy I met on Wild. Someone you will fall in love with when you see him. You text each other everyday. A guy that wants your virginity and purity. So you like him so much that you take a train to Tucson just to give it to him. Deep down you feel that he deserves it. You know that he will never hurt you like other guys. You know that he’s a good person. After giving my virginity to him, he makes you take a morning after pill, you grow attached to him. You catch feelings for him. You feel that he lovesand cares for you. He took something that you can never get back, but you feel he was the right one. You just want to be with him and one day have a baby with him. You guys both love each other. One day he tells you he is leaving to japan for the Air Force. You feel so sad and lost inside. You feel you can’t ever forget him. You feel that deep down in your heart you two will see each other and be reunited again.
Gorge took her virginity. She fell deeper in love with him.
by hecallsmenerd7 March 2, 2019
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An alien in the game Natural Selection. Can be rather irritating if you are on the opposing team of it. Has the ability to spit loogies of death, heal teamates and structures of it's kind, shoot out sacs filled with bile, and spin webs to catch intruders. not very capable at combat, Gorges are more adept to build and heal.
Somebody kill the damn Gorge healing their hive!
by Macman March 26, 2005
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This word is used when referring to an evil duck who kills people for fun.
"Were you the one who killed old Mrs. Campbell?"
"No, that was just Gorge."
by paprikapickles February 15, 2020
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A large, Smellt, Salty, Red, Gross, Tunaish, Vagina. Often a man can fit his head in one. Also, Most Girls In CT Have One.....
Dude 1: Courtney's Vagina is such a GORGE.
Dude 2: I know it almost fucking swallowed me.
by MN, DD February 1, 2008
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