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Raquelle is a sweet, nice, and thoughtful girl who always strives for her goals, but she is also a hot and spicey latina who is to good for any guy
wow your perfect, your such a Raquelle
by Snuggle buns January 07, 2017
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Raquelle's are what every guy wants. Shes kind, sweet, athletic, caring and also very sarcastic and hates soccer. Yes she can be grumpy sometimes and tend to be very ghetto but she is loyal and will be there when you need her. Raquelle's are extremely attractive and love Sports. Shes more smart then you think and they usually like FortNite. If you ever find a Raquelle don't call them rachel, and treat them like the best thing ever. Losing a Raquelle is the fattest L you can take.
Rafael: I'm so lucky to have raquelle and get to call her my wifeyyy
AJ: yea your so lucky to have her..I wished did
Rafael: aye rELaX dUDe
by BucketBoiCarl July 01, 2018
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