The most beautiful, and culturally advanced state in America. The Mother of Indie Rock, Grunge, and the greatest guitar player to ever live- Jimi Hendrix. it's a clean, clear state. With great weather, a great enviroment, and wonderful places. The people are friendly, the crime is low, and it is the Northwest's paradise.
Man, the Northwest is awesome! especially Washington State!
by :) August 4, 2004
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Washington State is a cloudy but beautiful green state on the NorthWest tip of the US. It is very well known for it's awesome Starbucks Coffee drinks and it's consistent chance of rain. Residents around the area were very friendly and welcoming. Some of it's developing cities include Seattle, Spokane, Bellingham, Vancouver, Renton, Tacoma, Bellevue, and Everett.
by stonlinchung February 22, 2012
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Washington State is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the US. It features many unique environments: multiple moutain ranges, ocean beaches, temperate rainforests, gorges, rivers, old growth forests, lakes, rolling hills, cliffs, waterfalls, pine forests, caves, hotsprings, tundra, volcanoes, glaciers, and more.
Washington has 3 national parks, and also many national forests, wilderness areas, and protected land.

Not to mention, Washingtonians are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
The state motto: Alki Chinook Jargon meaing "By the by" or "Eventually" accurately describes the way of life of most Washingtonians.
Californian (to his "bra"): "Dude, we should like totally move to Washington State, buy all their land and businesses, raise their housing prices, and like totally force our like ideals and stuff on them!"

Concerned Washingtonian: "Maybe Californians should fix their own state instead of starting a mass exodus to Washington and other states, and ruining their culture in the process."

Uninformed person: "You're from Washington? Have you ever been to the White House?"

Me: "No, I am from the STATE of Washington, you're thinking of the DISTRICT of Columbia."

Actual conversation:
Stupid person: "Washington, isn't that in Canada somewhere?"

Me: "No, Washington is actually the 42nd US state. If you were serious you should go back to 4th grade. If that was a joke, you suck at telling jokes."
by Native Washingtonian April 27, 2008
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Agreeing with ":)", Washington IS the best state. I wish I lived there, instead I live in the horrible state (For lack of a better word) California.
I would give anything to move to Bainbridge Island, in the beautiful State of Washington.
by Jon March 14, 2005
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That one state that is north of oregon who is confused with the capital and i dont know fucking why has a capital in that one sound named puget and we're known for u-haul starbucks kurt cobain and apples
"you know washington right?"
"the capital?"
"no you fucking idiot the state"
"oooooh washington state"
by washingtonfan69 February 25, 2021
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home of the stoners, gays and serial killers. it's pretty great. it's very liberal. it also has pretty forests if you ignore the crackheads, homeless people, hookers, rednecks and garbage. the only good things about Washington are the gays. we run everything. but also the weed is cheap and it's everywhere
where do you live?
d.c that's so cool!
no you dipshit, Washington state
oh, home of the gays and serial killers
also great weed
by s u c c u l e n t November 11, 2019
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Where I live. It's not that bad and the weather can be really sucky and rainy, or really hot and dry. There's a bunch of drugheads in my area, I don't mind. Some times it can be really boring, but that's just cause my town is so small and I sit around doing nothing all day.
by Highly Evolved March 29, 2005
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