An affront to God, most often used in Internet games. It denotes that something is so ridiculous/amazing that it is heretical.

(NOTE: Not used religiously at all, more jokingly by all instead of any particular group)
You have an UNGODLY amount of SCVs!
by LGUK May 27, 2004

A figuratively used statement describing a quantity too large for even God to even imagine
"man since quarantine started I've watched an ungodly amount of hardcore porn"
by BlueCanisLupis June 10, 2020
If you refer to a time as an ungodly hour, you are emphasizing that it is very early in the morning.
Still up at this ungodly hour. So sleepy but I can't sleep :(
by palemisfits January 4, 2014
between 3am and 4am, no one is ever up and about during that time
by CcapriciousS March 21, 2016
1. adj., a phrase used to describe an odor so horrendous as to originate from a place not of this Earth, for example, Hell or Chicago.

2. adj., To have a rodent of abnormal size, crawl into one's mouth, die, be regurgitated, eaten, and breathed on you during conversation. See fart
1. That Tim, what a shit for brains, his ass smells of peanuts. What an ungodly stench!

2. Tim must've eaten a pile of fresh dog dung, 'cuz his breath is an ungodly stench.
by Amazing Gook January 27, 2004
Exactly what it says
1)what happened to dave
2)oh not much, he just absorbed the souls of a few demons which turned him into a being of ungodly powers
Dave)P̴̠͕͔̻̠̃͆͌̈́͊e ̢̺̣͕̎̽̿̊̇͝ͅr ̙̘̗͓͉̤̝̬̔̑̄̽͑̓̑̚i̶̛͓̼̜̫̻̲̱͊̎̂͘s ̧̈̿̌ḧ̶̭̫́̈͛̏
by Beanchucker69420 October 9, 2020