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After 4 years of President Trump, a word that will make your ears bleed whenever you hear it.
My presidency has been tremendous.
by 66tornadoes December 11, 2016
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Term used to define the great, sticky, luscious, powerful, utmost quality, potent, colorful, hairy, and just plain old straight-up TRUE GREEN FUCKING CHRONIC!
Hey you shit-cock bastard! I demand that you take a hit of this tremendous from the gravity bong and keep passing it along. Puff, puff, give motherfucker!
by Rump January 30, 2004
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The word "tremendous" will evolve (or devolve, depending on perspective) in to "double plus good", and essentially signify the death of literacy and free speech thanks to a man in high power that speaks at the level of an 8 year old American. Refer to Orwel's book "1984", if you are already complacent with the word "tremendous."
Don't say "tremendous", that will bring in the Thought Police. That's supposed to be "double plus good."
by Sascratch70 November 13, 2018
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