A Gerald is some that is very nice and like peoples and is also selfless( puts people before him) and also save your life a lot of times you will always want A Gerald!.
You are lucky to have A Gerald!
by Claire hair bear February 7, 2021
You look like a Gerald.”
Ooo... Gerrraaalllddd...”
by Jers Guru June 17, 2019

A very long cylindrical ash hangs off the end of a blunt, causing it to resemble Gerald from the nickelodeon TV show Hey Arnold!
Frank: "Yo man, you might wanna ash that B&M... It's starting to Gerald."

Dave: "Oh shit, good call. I'm high."
by Herb Crowbasket March 25, 2014
It is colder than 10000 Geralds out here.
It is hotter than Gerald out here.
by Gerald10000 March 9, 2011
Gerald is the one gay best friend everyone can count on
I’m felling sad so I might talk to Gerald
by EdgeBeanUwO May 21, 2020
Referred to as "(a) Gerald":
A flock of unicorns. Regardless of formation they appear in some aligned fashion. Never less than four ... usually five or more.
Am I dreaming, or is that Gerald coming toward me in all sparkling splendour?

This unicorn is so sensational that I want to adopt the entire Gerald.

When a crow sparkles purple, a Gerald was murdered. Next comes the locusts.

The pilots Thortoned the landing and went around for another attempt to avoid the Murder Gaggle of Gerald.
by Bleue September 24, 2020
The goop found in the foreskin of uncircumcised men mostly from Russia and Iran.

Common name in Russia for men that don’t know when to shut their whore mouth.
Boris used a warm towel to wipe the Gerald off his pecker.
by Ivan kikdovagin January 3, 2020