That guy just stole my idea. What a fucking Gerald
by Demonetized March 5, 2018
Gerald is a Herald. Herald is Gerald. Gerald is a taco. Tacos are Gerald’s. And life is a lie.
That taco is a Gerald.
by adre June 4, 2018
Sweet guy never let you down
Silent but not all the time and He has a dark side
Scaredy-cat but more braver then others
Smart knows how to get out of situations
Has A lot of Secret
Gerald seem like a cool guy.
by Mike love March 3, 2015
Gerald is chumpiest chump there is. He’s had the same hair for the last 15 years and thinks he’s a lady killer

He is also a profession stalker on social media. Chances are he knows more about you than you do.
“Dude this hot chick wouldn’t add me on Facebook so I kept deleting the request and resubmitting it till she added me”

Wow dude that’s such a gerald move”
by Savage_Moodster March 29, 2018
He's a really cool guy who loves to have fun. He was a loner at first but made really good friends. He would usually make a weird joke to annoy his friends. You can usually find him playing computer games, in a chat group, or doing something weird. He is very artistic and loves to draw anime and manga characters for fun. His favorite anime/manga genres are Action, Adventure, and Shonen. He likes to read long books. He is also very athletic and will do anything to win a game of soccer, leading him to hurt his friends (by kicking them in the foot Really Hard). He calls his friend "Mr. President and Pedo the Bear" (due to his name) to annoy the heck out of him.
" Owwww!", Mr. E, " Gerald kicked me again!", student shouted.
"Sorry, I wanted to kick someone," Gerald explains.
"It's alright, Gerald, you can kick him any time you want," Mr. M says.
"Okay," Gerald says (with a big grin on his face)
"Owwwwwww!", Mr. E!," student shouts.
by KanadeTachibana March 23, 2013