Bolliger & Mabillard, roller coaster manufacturers. B&M coasters offer a very smooth ride, and the characteristic roar caused by the polyuthereane wheels on hollow track.
B&M is so called because of its founders, Walter Bolliger and Joseph Mabillard

Examples of B&M coasters include: Nemesis, Oblivion, Mantis, Raptor.
OMG that B&M was great! How do I know that was a B&M? By the characteristic roar! Did I mention I'm a rollercoaster enthusiast?
by Johnj April 24, 2006
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Black and Mild. A pipe tobacco cigar sold in the tip cigarillo form. It has a nutty vanilla scent and a pleasing aroma.
Go in, get Johnny a pack of Camels and get me a couple B&Ms
by 0m3rt1 October 02, 2005
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v. Bitch and Moan. When a person can not stop voicing their opinion after losing an argument. Could also be bitching and moaning.
God!! We told you that if you told another lame joke we'd tie you up and put you in the trunk! Stop all yer
B&M(ing) you little girl!!
by EviLalDo August 05, 2005
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Bolliger & Mabillard - rollercoaster designers famous for fast, smooth, twisted track with the characteristic ROAAAAR! sound, caused by polyurethane wheels. Affectionately referred to by coaster enthusiasts as "Beamers".
Check out that new flying B&M that Six Flags New Jersey just built!
by Sarabellum1976 September 04, 2003
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is a type of shifter in cars for both manual and automatic transmission. usually used in high performance cars, such as modified mustangs and camaros. you can find a B&m shifter usually being used by a guy with a mullet.
damn boy, that is a sweet ass car. you got a B&M shifter in that thing?
by troy October 29, 2003
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