Dean made this so eat me Gerald
by DeanR420 September 27, 2019
Gerald more like gerald TRANsgender lmao gerald is a computer nerd who always talks about them and wont shut the fuck up, their also super rich
Gerald is on is 69 psi 420 RGB Origin gaming PC thermal paste mother board psi psi 69 RGB keyboard 4k HD multi threaded authorisation tropic filtering, temperal anti alising
by Dilgod February 26, 2019
"ew, there goes Gerald."
by October 2, 2021
You look like a Gerald.”
Ooo... Gerrraaalllddd...”
by Jers Guru June 17, 2019
The name of the small piece of fat in your armpit.
Person A: Dude how big is your gerald?
Person B: Get the fuck away from me?
by AcidityBM November 20, 2020
When the ash on your blunt/joint/cigarette gets so long that it looks like Gerald's hair from Hey Arnold.
"Yo bro, ash that Gerald!"
by ThatArielleChick September 26, 2011