Gerald is a seagull. Gerald steals burritos. Gerald takes shits on your arm.
Person: *sees Gerald*
Person: damnit Gerald
by Gerald the shitty seagull January 25, 2020
Gerald is a boy who likes to play girls over and over again acting like they would never know. He never will care and will always lie to you!
person 1: you know gerald
person 2: yea! he a player and has no respect for girls and there hearts!!

person1: damn i’m sorry!

person 2: Never trust a gerald!!
by hockeyhockey16 October 29, 2019
A male, usually fat and smelly pretending to be a woman on the internet.
"Dude, I think that chick is actually a Gerald."
by Lacaric October 31, 2013
An absolute lad, reliable, smart, athletic, friendly. A Gerald is all you really need in life, as they will provide sustenance for any mortal demanding.

There isn't much to say about such a stand up guy, good job Gerald
Yes, this is how you properly use "Gerald" in a sentence Random Internet Goer whose name may or may not be Gerald.
by Champion of Clear Definitions November 1, 2020
A tall black guy, who has a tremendous large dick and is always active. These type of people tend to be very friendly and misunderstood.they most likely will duck your bitch if you anoy them
by Jake.osmin January 27, 2021
A Gerald is somone with a big dick and is very happy when your with him you can never be sad when close to him he is very special and is a loyalfriend and bf
Girl: oh my he is such a Gerald

Girl2: Your so lucky
by Crackhead0987 January 11, 2020