1. (n) a consumable product that provides sufficient nourishment
2. (n) nutrient(s)
3. (n) FOOD!
by maelstr0m_X1 April 8, 2005
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The necessary means to survive in terms of hunger or cravings for things.
This green definitely fills my need of sustenance!

I require sustenance! Ma! Wheres the meatloaf!? Fuck! We want it now!

by IronDoctor August 26, 2008
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Fancy term;
If you can eat it, yup.
“Me and Jill were going out to Wendy’s to get some sustenance, wanna join?”
by Engardian April 29, 2018
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A higher tier word used by higher level thinkers who are hungry.
Gayge: A boy named Gayge require sustenance
Rollin: Right away
by WhyMyPPsmall April 14, 2019
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That which satisfies one's daily need for communication through electronic devices and online social networks.
Sarah's internet connection was down and so she sought e-sustenance at her local Starbucks and its free wi-fi.
by eStarved July 14, 2011
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extremely nicely shaped breasts, that even if a lady has a pretty face, a man will look at her breasts.as good as they get
"My girl has ample sustenance"
by JazzyJazz June 3, 2005
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