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That place in australia that can kill you maybe.
Sydney is actually a super cool lass and not some stupid place in a country, I fooled you.
by Champion of Clear Definitions November 5, 2020
Lally is a very fun person to be around. She has a very bright and sweet personality, and genuinely cares about the thinks you are interested in, even if she doesn't know what it is you're doing. She has kind and beautiful eyes, the absolute softest hair, and is usually short, and really endearing. A person who is called "Lally" in most cases has a different name, but calling them Lally just came across as a good nickname for them, and it simply stuck as the friendship grew. There is also a high probability that a Lally would make a fairly exceptional romantic partner, and a devoted parent if the opportunity arises.

An issue that can easily pop up when dealing with a Lally can be their vast stubbornness, as they can be persistent in any given situation for weeks on end no matter how minor it seems to you; to a Lally it would be the top priority. And if an argument ensues; they will win. That is all. You cannot hope to prevail. Aside from the highly apparent stubborn nature, the only other thing that can be considered a negative is the overall lack of Lally's; as it is both a shame and a blessing the numbers are relatively low.

Definitely the type of person you'd want to keep close.
Person Human Man: "Maybe I should ask Lally if she wants to go to that new movie, what do you think mate?"
Second Person Man: "I mean you can try, she does go on the offensive about violent movies, just be careful and it'll go well."
Person Human Man: "Aight, thanks mate, almost forgot that. See ya."
Second Person Man: "Anytime, bye."
by Champion of Clear Definitions October 30, 2020
he exists
Nathan exists.
by Champion of Clear Definitions November 5, 2020
not the coal santa gives you, but a name of a human being
Cole, not Coal.
by Champion of Clear Definitions November 5, 2020