A pretty alright show that used to be broadcasted on Nickelodeon. The main character was named Arnold, a kid who wore a kilt and whose head was shaped like a football. His best friend was named Gerald. Gerald had hair much like Marge Simpson from The Simpsons. There's a girl named Helga, who is a terrible, ugly girl with a unibrow and was in love with Arnold, but treated him like shit. The series had many, weird-ass people that seemed to be pariahs from society. One guy is Pigeonman, an old-timer who had sex with birds. He was eventually carried away by his pigeons to a far-off land. There was Stoopboy, a scumbag who was afraid to leave his stoop for whatever reason. He finally had the balls to leave his stoop.

Arnold's house would be stuffed with animals that would run outside everytime he opened the door. Animals included a cat, a dog, a pig, and more. There were also many Jews in his household.

Arnold: What?

by Wasabimoto October 12, 2007
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Hey Arnold was a popular television show on Nickelodeon. In this show, Arnold had a secret hand shake with his friends where they moved their thumbs and went "wa woah!" The Hey Arnold is a sex act, where you insert your pointer and your middle finger in the vagina, then with your thumb move it on the clit like they did in hey arnold. The sound affect is neccesary to do the move right.
"You know that chick at that party last week?...Anyways, we were in my room and I busted out the Hey Arnold and she totally loved it"
by ConSeann3ry May 26, 2004
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One of the "not so old, but not too too old" shows Nickelodeon developed in the mid-90s. It was mainly about Arnold, a kid with a football shaped head. No one knows his last name. The show is mostly about his life and his friends and him being in the 4th grade. But the movie was stupid.
Gerald: "Hey Arnold! You want to go get ice cream from the Jolly-Olly Man?"
Arnold: (to Gerald): "Ok, let's go."
by sazzlefrazzle December 16, 2005
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Then act of splooging all over a football while proceeding to toss it in the direction of Ana Bolus.
instead of throwing a hail mary i got her real good with the hey arnold
by bnickelbackgammon September 9, 2008
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a derogatary term for a male who is ugly and thin
I walked past Hey Arnold this morning and laughed because he bores me
by Edith December 8, 2004
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A relationship where one hates another deeply in public, however secretly loves them in private. Similar to Helga and Arnold on the classic TV series, Hey Arnold.
Carissa seems to hate Steve, but I think she actually loves him. Looks like a Hey Arnold relationship to me.
by spaghettisaucee November 29, 2010
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some other gay cartoon for kids 6-10 and preteens 11-13. This one features some blonde kid with a football-shaped head.
I saw Arnold the Football-shaped head Guy, so I went and kicked him in the head, but it didn't go near the goal post!
by The Great Houdini December 10, 2004
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