a crazy little female cagefighting champion from gee cross
by kripppppp June 22, 2009
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Grammar Enforcement Officer

Also known as grammar nazis, the grammar police, and sometimes 'The Grammar Hammer.'
Person 1:
hi lol

Person 2:
Sir, I am a GEO and I am going to have to place you under arrest. Also, there will be a cavity search.
by Sicariphus January 17, 2010
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An extra-ordinarily cool kid. His coolness is too great to be described with words, and can only be experienced firsthand. Every action and exhibition of his behaviour projects immaculate amounts of coolness. He often gets rejected by women who turn out to be lesbians because he is too cool. The reason for this is that when women are shown his cool aura they become lesbian. Geo is also obsessed with nintendo because he is just that cool. When he walks through the hallways people often exclaim, " LOOK ITS THE COOL KID!".
"He is so cool like geo"
"hes too cool for me"
via giphy
by noamsies May 31, 2021
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The shortened term for Geography. Also a word for gay turtles.
1) I have geo next period
2) Wow look at those two turtles, they must both be Geo's
by MEEEEMES March 06, 2017
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A very cool guy who makes other guys jealous because all the girls want his body. Also known as a smart guy with a very large member.
Hot Chick: OMG! I hope Geo notices me.
Hot Chick's stupid boyfriend: Dammit, there went my girl. Maybe I'll call him a faggot because I'm a stupid jock who can't add.
by Jenny1 October 12, 2004
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a nickname for a girl named Georgia or Georgina. an awesome chick with tons of friends.
"hey whats up, geo?!"
"geo, you're so hot"
by 679326 November 07, 2006
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