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Geography is the subject chosen by real lads and legitimate wenches who wish to further their knowledge of the world. It is a subject with greater levels of dimension than any other. Geographers are part of a big family who are in the top of the hierarchy as they will name every capital in their home continent and more. The banter between Geographers is unbeatable with such things such as pissing into rain gauges and throwing litter at environmentalists.
Adam: I sure wouldn't mind having a look at her fault line
Ben: Dude, that fault line hasn't been active in years! She seems ready to go any second!

Adam: This geography banter is unending! Thank god I chose to take it.
by Mr bowles May 29, 2013
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Knowledge of not only where places are, but why and how, as well as predicting the future of where places should be - one important example of when you'd use this knowledge is finding a good location to live, work, start your own biz, and travel based on pasts and forecasts of that location.
"So many people are mistaken with the idea that geography is a social studies class only for junior high about memorizing the outline map of the US; it's a lot more than that - just as math is a lot more than just counting up to 10."
by Tojonto September 02, 2006
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A subject Americans have little or no grasp of!
Average Non-American Geography Inspecting Person: Sir/Madam, can you point out your country on this map?

Average American: Er... No!
by Fete November 30, 2005
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school subject that Americans only learn during times of war.
War: the only way americans learn geography
by dodgerhater June 03, 2006
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Subject where you "learn" where places are. Usually forgotten by the next class period.
Billy:I learned where France is today in geography.
Bob: Really? Where is it?
Billy:...I don't remember.
by Gemini Twin #2 November 04, 2005
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