a safe brer from london who gets bare chicks andf puts up wiv 2 much shit. who sed it was a gallis?
oh look, its dat buff Geo brer....
by geo March 26, 2005
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to grab the male by his ankles hold him vertically and repeatedly shove your tounge in and around their Ass until your mouth turns brown
dude i got the best Geo ever DUDE
by PewPewKaPlow January 18, 2009
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A total dumbass who dresses up like O-Town just to please some whores at his school. Also, its spoiled rotten.
My parents decided to give me a new computer if I whored myself out, I felt like Geo.
by Shad... March 25, 2003
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GEO is the name of a cutting-edge ring design that was first introduced by London jewellery designer Stephen Einhorn in 2001. The GEO ring is either a round or square shaped ring that features a central strip of wood or precious metal sandwiched between two outer slabs of contrasting metals including titanium, silver, gold or platinum. Each section of the ring is held together by a series of metal rivets or pins that are driven through the sides of the ring and feature as a decorative detail.
by Sunny London October 08, 2007
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A transgender person who wears clothes that a 3 sizes to small for them
That geo has bitch tits and is gonna blow the buttons on that shirt
via giphy
by Bycal June 11, 2016
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A person who Gay & Extremely Obese.
Hey DUDE you know you really are a geo character honestly haha.
by Donofthesimps August 15, 2016
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Noun: an egotistical man who treats women like shit and moves in with chicks after a day.
Karen, you’ve only known him a week. Why is he living with you already? He’s a total Geo.
by The gerbil jouster January 16, 2018
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