American and Greek origin

A georgina is a sweet and romantic girl but can have a bitchy side when she needs to. She is a natural-born leader and very persuasive. Often boys might find themselves falling in love with her which relates to her seductive, sensual and flirty nature.

She can make friends easily but is a very independent person and can do things on her own if she has to. She is very beautiful and amazing at sex so if you have her as a girlfriend, look after her, respect her and defend her as lots of boys AND girls will be jealous.
Wow she’s so fit!
Yep she must be a Georgina.
by masbbygalxox April 8, 2020
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Georgina bold, outgoing, headstrong and shows it in the crazy way she dresses and acts. She is extremely beautiful but her strong personality often deters people. She always has to win and this sometimes gets in the way of her usually nice personality. She is good at most things she tries. Most people are secretly in love with her or jealous of her.
"Yes!!! I beat Georgina!!!"
"Wow Georgina has such cool clothes"
by Artygirl March 18, 2009
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A stunning outgoing Individual, not to be mistaken with jawgina because of there unusually unnaturally large chins.

There funny and are able to make any day better any man or women would be lucky to have a Georgina in there life as they are as bright as they are pretty, there humour is fantastic and there smile radiates whenever you are blessed to see it.

They can love unconditionally and if your blessed with a GEORGINAS love you should never squander the opportunity to love them back to the same extent.

A Georgina has her shit together even after all of the harmful, hurtful crap of there past and still wears a smile not as a mask but as a medal to show off to anyone and everyone

Georgina is a 10/10 and will make your life ultimately the greatest you will ever get.


Also Georginas usually give the best head and there body's are amazing with a tight snatch.
Boy1: "That guys girlfriend is so hot"

Boy 2: " yeah bro she's a Georgina, stunning isn't she"
by Itzec1994 March 24, 2021
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A gorgeous girl who has the most amazing smile ever, is clever and everyone loves.
omg! shes so pretty!
must be a georgina
by hi1111 March 17, 2010
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A fantastic person who wears the title Thee Peasant King
Everyone must bow down to her
And give her all the potatoes
Simpleton: B-b-but I don't have 666 potatoes? I only have 665!
Georgina/ Thee Peasant King: OFF WITH HIS HEAD
by AHumblePeasant November 27, 2014
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Beautiful Goodness nice sweet beautiful. can sometimes make you angry but her heart is in the right place she always means well. if you are in trouble Georgina is always there for you. a shoulder to cry on if she needs it. and when you cry she is always ready to comfort you help you and beat up those people who made you cry. In conclusion Georgina is the most ideal friend
Person # 1: Who is that courage's Beautiful Rebel

Person #2: don't know never seen her before

Person #3 Come on guys that is Georgina <3
by lollypop231 May 23, 2011
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A majestic mermaid, ruler of the sea. Sings the songs of her people, often luring sailors to their deaths. She is the sea part of the element trio along with Robyn and Hannah. She loves pie and cake. She is a good friend with a great personality, however she can get depressed and has anger issues.
Georgina got angry yesterday and caused a tsunami.
by SpasticusTheFifth November 13, 2013
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