An obese girl who is too big to be considered just another whale. Named for a body weight similar in size to a small car. This girl probably consumes ridiculous amount of alcohol to sustain her weight. A "geo" doesn't seem to care about her weight and does nothing in an attempt to reduce it. Often seen with a ridiculously huge male counterpart.
Did Kayla gain more weight? She is such a geo.

Look at that tool try to hit on that geo.

I went to school at uwp but that geo is the biggest I've seen.
by d.money:$ February 28, 2011
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See awesome, cool, win, sweet, Fo Shizzle, Wicked, Sick, or any of their respective synonyms.
"That pro-perestroika T-shirt is so Geo, man!"
by Katt K. November 08, 2006
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anything really cool. use as an adjective like in place of "cool" or "awesome" or other things like that.
Katie Rodman is really geo!


Dude! Look at Evan Corey Tucker wearing that GEO jacket!!
by ktevan November 10, 2006
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Synonym to lit which is extremely lame and boring
Mr.Domenico class is super Geo
by Poob374747 August 30, 2018
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That really cold Nonbinary person everyone has in their life who is really into rocks, but thought the name Geode wasn't quite it, so they go by geo.
Yeah Geo really likes rocks, they're kinda weird.
by LeHunt08 March 06, 2021
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Some sexeh ignored guy. Also see gohi
Is that a Geo? Oh, never noticed him before. Sure is sexy though. ;)
by Yu Yu June 27, 2004
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