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It's a brazilian Portuguese word for "buttocks", but also used to refer to "ass" "butt" "bum"...
Dรช uma olhada na bunda dela! ร‰ super sexy!
Take a look at her butts.. it's pretty sexy!
by Natan November 10, 2004
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It is used to define a person who is extremely black.
This boy is bundas
by dsert November 21, 2016
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The process of making bowel movements then proceeding to masturbate during.
I want to spank my monkey but i have to crap badly. I'll just hit 2 birds with one stone. I'll take a bunda.
by Dominic_13 February 25, 2011
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Ass-raping, especially by an entire tribe against a stump.
"Death or bunda?" asked the tribesman to the helpless missionary.
by A friendly advisor August 22, 2005
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The act of fucking...a nice sly way to talk about sex.

As far as I'm aware originated in the Northern Territory of Australia, bitches.
Q: any bundas last night or what?

A: Yeah brus, biggest mob bundas...slayed that shit


I better get bundas tonight!!


Guy: Keen for some bundas?
Girl: What's bundas?
Guy: Come to my room and I'll show you...
by Nuff_Bundas May 18, 2011
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Formally defined as "anal sex," however, "anal fucking" more accurately conveys the active carnal enthusiasm implied by the term.
Hey baby, feel like some bunda?
by Herbert Walker April 08, 2004
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